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For the month of December, you should be registering your teams and coordinating things like transportation and volunteers for the event.

*Reminder: You must have one volunteer in attendance per team, and you don’t need to know the names of the girls ahead of time!


GAIM strongly recommends registering by January 31st to avoid late registration pricing. 


  • LATE REGISTRATION DEADLINE: February 20th 2019

Competition Format

Teams of four students from the same school compete in one of two divisions: Upper Elementary, for grades 3-5, and Middle, for grades 6-8. The day begins with a 60-minute16-question Round 1 and a 20 minute research question Round 2. Once the competition is over, the girls convene for an afternoon of strategy games while the graders are grading. Once the graders are finished, the winners are announced.

* The teams will not have access to calculators during the competition.

Tips and Tricks

Teamwork is one of the most important aspects of GAIM.  We strongly recommend that teams choose a captain, whose role is to assign questions to other members of the team, and pace the other members of the team during the competition.

Many times, students will vote for the fastest problem solver to be the captain.  Instead, we recommend that they choose the strongest people-leader, someone who is methodical and pays careful attention to detail.

We also recommend that students try the questions from last year's exam (linked in the sidebar to the right, with solutions) to get a taste for the difficulty and pacing of a GAIM Math Olympiad.

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We will be adding more resources before the competitions in April

Recommended Reading

We recommend the following books, in this order.

Past Competitions


Reference Sheet Quiz

  1. Download the reference sheet located here: DOWNLOAD

  2. Quiz your teams using the GAIM Reference Sheet Quiz coming soon!