Welcome GAIM 2019 Coaches!

Thank you so much for your participation in GAIM. The competition wouldn’t exist without the passionate coaches that guide each team to success! As a coach, you are responsible for registering for the competition, organizing your team(s), preparing them for the competition, coordinating transportation to the event, and volunteering on GAIM day as a proctor, a grader, and/or a chaperone for the games portion.

If you haven't yet registered:

School representatives and coaches can register for GAIM at the link below. The GAIM Registration process is a one-stop shop; fill out our registration form, save your confirmation email with pertinent info, and that’s it! Your confirmation email contains all of the information about the date/time of your GAIM event, as well as parking and registration instructions.

You must bring your team codes to the competition!

Your Team Code(s) are located in your confirmation email. Your team is responsible for writing this code on their competitions. You should print the code so that they can bring it into the competition.  Without a team code, your team’s competition cannot be graded. We also recommend that you bring writing utensils for them to use. Please note that calculators are not allowed, and scrap paper is provided.

Managing Expectations

GAIM is the most difficult competition offered to students in this age range. It is common for teams to complete only a small portion of the exam, and for those students to rank nationally. We give out trophies and medals on-site for the teams that score the highest at each location, but we also release national rankings in 4 different tiers by May 15th. If your team is ranked nationally, you will receive an award certificate template that you can customize for each student, print, and present to them.


Location and Details

New York

Speyer Legacy School
Date: April 12th, 2019
Time: 4pm-7pm
Address: 925


The Nueva School

Format of the Competition

Teams of four students from the same school compete in one of two divisions: Upper Elementary, for grades 3-5, and Middle, for grades 6-8. The day begins with a 60-minute16-question Round 1 and a 20 minute research question Round 2. Once the competition is over, the girls convene for an afternoon of strategy games while the graders are grading. Once the graders are finished, the winners are announced.

*The teams will not have access to calculators during the competition.

Coaching Tips

Before GAIM Day, coaches can prepare their teams by using the preparation materials located on the GAIM website [include link].  GAIM is a creative problem solving competition, so any materials encouraging out-of-the-box thinking will be helpful to your teams’ tackling the GAIM problem sets.  Logic puzzles, word problems, and riddles are encouraged!

Teamwork is one of the most important aspects of GAIM.  We strongly recommend that teams choose a captain, whose role is to assign questions to other members of the team, and pace the other members of the team during the competition.

Many times, students will vote for the fastest problem solver to be the captain.  Instead, we recommend that they choose the strongest people-leader, someone who is methodical and pays careful attention to detail.  It is also good to have a “checker” on the team -- someone who listens to solutions and tries to find problems with them. Many teams may choose to have their captain act as a checker as well.

You should print out your team codes and provide captains with their teams’ respective team code. They will need this sheet to successfully participate in the competition.


What do your girls need to know?


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