Frequently Asked Questions


How can I register a team to participate in GAIM?

We're so happy you want to participate in GAIM! To register a team for one of our GAIM competitions, please find more information about how to register and the available locations here.

How many teams can each school send?

Each school may enroll up to four teams of four girls, and each team must be registered in one of two divisions. Our two divisions are Upper Elementary, for grades 3-5, and Middle, for grades 6-8.  

How many students can participate on each team?

Up to four girls can compete on each team. We strongly recommend that each team has four girls!  Each of the girls on a team must attend the same school.  

Do all the students on the same team have to attend the same school?

Yes, each of the girls on a team must attend the same school.  

Can home schooled students attend?

If permitted to do so, homeschool students must participate in GAIM on teams associated with public schools in their district. If a student attends a school with less than 4 girls per grade, or the student is a homeschool student in a state prohibiting your ability to participate in the extracurricular activities of your local public school, they may form an assorted team of students to create a non-competing team.

States in which homeschool students are routinely or expressly prohibited from participating in the extracurricular activities of their local public school: California, Michigan, Montana, New Jersey, New York, Oklahoma, and West Virginia. Students in these states may join assorted, non-competitive teams.

Do you offer financial aid?

Yes! Teams from Title I schools attend for free. We also offer financial aid to teams from non-Title I schools on an as available basis. If you'd like to apply for financial aid, please fill out our financial aid form here.

Are calculators allowed during the competition portion of GAIM?

No, the teams are not permitted to use calculators during the GAIM competition. We provide scrap paper for the competition. All the girls need to bring are pencils or pens and their minds!

What does the GAIM fee cover?

The GAIM registration fee covers all of the materials your team of four girls needs to compete and participate in the games portion of GAIM day.

Who pays for the GAIM registration fee?

If your child is registering for a GAIM team through their school, the school will frequently cover the registration fee for their team. If you are a parent registering a team, you are responsible for the fee. Always check with your child's math teacher before registering a team to see if their school is already participating!

I'm a parent, can I participate in GAIM?

Only parents and teachers that are coaching the teams will be asked to participate in the event as proctors during the math competition portion of the event. They will also have the opportunity to engage the girls during the game portion of the event.

Am I responsible for my child's transportation to GAIM?

If your child is registered for a GAIM team through their school, please check with administrators to find out if they're providing transportation to the event!

Who can coach a GAIM team?

Math teachers and parents are allowed to register teams to participate in GAIM on behalf of their schools. If you're a parent that would like to register a team, please check with your child's math teacher first to see if your school is registering teams!

Can I volunteer to help out at GAIM?

We're so happy that you want to be a part of this exciting day! If you'd like to learn more about volunteering at the GAIM event near you, please reach out to 

There's no GAIM near me. How can I attend?

Host your own GAIM! We're always looking for new sites. Learn more about hosting here!