GAIM 2017 Locations & Winners

The Speyer Legacy School

Upper Elementary Division:
1. Nightingale-Bamford School (E2)
2. Speyer Legacy School(E1)
3. NEST+m (E1)

Middle Division:
1. TAG Young Scholars(M1)
2. The Hudson School (M1)
3. NEST+m (M1)

Honorable Mentions:
Hunter College Elementary School (E1)
Brooklyn School of Inquiry (E1)
Trevor Day School (E1)
Trinity School (E1)
TAG Young Scholars(E1)
Metropolitan Montessori School (E1)
Speyer Legacy School (E2)
Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School(E1)
Brearley (M1)
Brooklyn School of Inquiry (M2)
Nightingale-Bamford School   (M2)
Brooklyn School of Inquiry (M1)

Bard Math Circle

Upper Elementary Division:
1. Holy Trinity School (E1)
1. Woodstock Day School (E1)
1. Holy Trinity School (E2)

Middle Division:
1. Linden Avenue Middle School (M1)
2. Woodstock Day School (M1)
3. Holy Trinity School (M1)

Honorable Mentions:
Home School Team (E1)
J. Watson Bailey Middle School (E2)
Woodstock Day School (E2)
Great Barrington Rudolf Steiner School (M1)
Great Barrington Rudolf Steiner School (M2)
Linden Avenue Middle School (M2)
Pawling Central Middle School (M1)
Pawling Central Middle School (M2)
Pawling Central Middle School (M3)

Honey Creek MS

Upper Elementary Division:
1. Dixie Bee (E2)
2. DeVaney Elementary (E2)
3. Sugar Grove (E3)

Middle Division:
1. Honey Creek (M2)
2. Honey Creek (M1)
2. International School of IN (M1)

Honorable Mention:
St. Richard's Episcopal School (M1)

Global Winners

A special shout-out to our global winners! These girls hold the top GAIM 2017 scores around the world!

Nightingale-Bamford School   (E2)
Speyer Legacy School (E1)

Honey Creek (M2)
TAG Young Scholars(M1)
The Hudson School (M1)


To everyone who invested their time and energy into making GAIM 2017 successful, thank you. This year, we were able to hold GAIM in six locations: Indiana, Kansas, The Navajo Nation, New York City, Upstate New York, and London. This reach allowed us to serve around 400 girls worldwide! Feats such as these take coordination on a massive scale, and we couldn’t have done it without our wonderful host schools, our dedicated Math-M-Addicts team, and all of the students, parents, and educators who participated. Thank you all for enabling GAIM to continue to inspire girls around the world to pursue their interest in STEM.
The GAIM Team

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