On-Site Grading Instructions


Step 1. Sort Competitions into Divisions

Each competition envelope will say either Middle or Elementary Division on the front. Each Elementary and Middle Division competition should be sorted into a separate pile.

Step 2. Split Up Graders into 2 Groups (One for Each Division)

If you have an even number of graders, split them into two groups. If you have an odd number of graders, you can either assign one grader to troubleshoot, or you can join in on the grading process to make the number even.

Step 3. Each Group Grades their Respective Division

Hand each group a set of grading instructions as well as one pile of competitions, along with the answer keys for whichever division they are grading. The grading instructions should cover all possible questions.

You should calculate scores for each team as follows:

Final Score = Round 1 score * 10 points + Round 2 score * 7 points

Step 4. Enter Scores Into the Score Sheet and Sort for Top Teams

As you receive graded competitions, enter the reported scores into the excel sheet provided to you by GAIM. Please have someone double check your work so that no teams are left behind.

Please be extra careful with this step. Most of the errors we find are data-entry errors that could be easily avoided with an extra set of eyes.

Step 5. The Top 30%-40% of Teams Receive Medals

Enter the scores (# of correct answers in each round) into the Google Grading Sheet, provided by GAIM, which will automatically determine the top teams for each division. Divide the number of medals for your site by two, and award that number of medals to the top teams at each site. For example, if you receive 40 medals, you should award the top 5 teams in each division. (40 medals/4 girls per team = 10 total teams. 10 teams/2 divisions = 5 teams per division awarded.)


Step 1. Find a Buddy

Find someone in your group to grade with you. Each competition is graded twice to minimize errors.  

Step 2. Remove only the Answer Sheet from the Envelope

Each team has been asked to put their school name and team number on their envelope and answer sheet. Remove ONLY the answer sheet from each envelope. Before discarding the envelope and competition pages, verify that the answer sheet has a school name and team number - (Example: SPY10001E - Speyer Legacy School). If it is missing either, return the answer sheet to the envelope and hand the envelope to the host coordinator. If the answer sheet has the school name and team number, the rest of the Round 1 envelope should be placed in a pile to eventually be recycled. There is no partial credit, and all answers are required to be written on the answer sheet, so Round 1 pages do not matter.

Please do not take copies of the competition with you when you leave.

Step 3. Grading

Grader 1 writes the score on the back of the answer sheet. Grader 2 writes the score on the front of the answer sheet and checks whether the two grades match.

If the grades do not match, Grader 1 and Grader 2 verify together and mark the correct grade on the student answer sheet. As a reminder, there is no partial credit for either Round 1 or Round 2 answers.

Step 3. Scoring

Match the answer provided by the team to the answers on the Answer Key. The score for each round is the number of correct answers for that round. For example, a team that got 2 correct on the first round will receive a 2/16.

Please note, some questions may have multiple answers. The Answer Key will say “ALT” for alternate answer. Otherwise, the team must provide all of the answers asked for in the question to get full credit.

Step 4. Place Graded Competition Answer Sheets in a Pile

Each answer sheet will return to GAIM headquarters for a second round of grading on a national scale, so it’s important to keep track of each sheet. Once all competitions have been graded, this pile should be returned to the Host Coordinator.

Step 5. Migrate to Games Area

Once graders have finished grading, they may submit the results to the Host Coordinator and then transition to the Fun & Games area to partake in refreshments and play games with the girls. They should not share the results of the competition before the final announcements.


In the last 15 minutes of the event, the Logistics Coordinator may decide to read a brief inspirational speech thanking everyone for attending the competition. The Head Grader can then announce those whose performance awarded them a medal.

What happens next?

Host Coordinators should place prepaid envelopes with the competitions into a mailbox within 3 days of the end of the competition, and submit their excel file with results to hello@girlsadventuresinmath.com.