On a snowy winter day in 2014, teachers at the Speyer Legacy School dreamed up the idea of a math competition for elementary and middle school girls, to foster their passion for math at an early age.

They enlisted the team at Math-M-Addicts to bring their idea to life.  And so, GAIM was born—a community-building, mind-bending, fun-as-heck math event for girls in grades 3-8.  Teams of four girls from the same school compete together to unravel mathematical puzzles inspired by phenomenal women from history.


Now in our fifth year, GAIM remains committed to bringing you a two round team competition with mind-bending games and activities to round out the day.   Thanks to feedback from our end-of-season surveys, we’ve experimented with the format. We’ve also expanded the breadth of the complexity of the competition.

We hope everyone leaves GAIM 2020 with new memories and curiosity piqued!