December - January









  • By January 24th, sign up to host here.

  • We’ll have one-on-one discussions with you about how we can adapt GAIM to your school/organization. This includes possible spaces, event dates and time, and # of possible teams.
  • Host sites will be confirmed by January 31st.  Once you’re confirmed as a host school, your host site be added to the GAIM website and advertised via GAIM’s social media.  We will provide GAIM flyers to help you get word out about your GAIM Day.

  • You can start recruiting teams and volunteers as soon as your host site is up!

  • On the GAIM website, coaches register and pay for up to 4 teams of 4 girls.  Teams can be composed of any combination of Upper Elementary (Grades 3-5) and Middle Division Teams (Grades 6-8).  For example, a school can send 3 Upper Elementary Division Teams and 1 Middle Division Team, or 4 Middle Division teams.  

  • At this stage, coaches do not need to submit the names of students who will be attending yet.

  • GAIM will handle payments and financial aid for schools with demonstrated need.


Continue to recruit teams of girls and volunteers!





  • By March 15, GAIM coaches of registered schools need to confirm which students will be attending GAIM, and participating students will need to complete online Student Registration Forms.  Coaches are responsible for collecting paper-based Photo Release Forms from students, to be given to host schools on GAIM day.  

  • Once a team is fully registered online, the team’s coach will receive an email containing instructions for GAIM Day as well as GAIM practice problems.

  • Two weeks before your event, you'll receive your GAIM box with everything you need for the day of the competition!

  • In the second half of April, GAIM events will take place around the world.





GAIM participants will receive an email notifying them of their score and a link to the competition problems and answer key.