Dec 6

By December 6, we’ll have one-on-one discussions with you about how we can adapt GAIM to your school. 

Dec 31

You’ll be confirmed as a host school by the end of December.





Once you’re confirmed as a host school, your host site be added to the GAIM website.  You can start recruiting teams and volunteers as soon as your host site is up!

Coaches register their teams on the website and pay for the number of teams they would like to bring.  Each school can send at most two teams of four girls in each division--upper elementary for grades 3-5 and middle for grades 6-8.  This is a total of 4 teams per school.  

We’ll handle payments and financial aid for schools with demonstrated need.  Since it’s still early, they do not need to submit the names of students who will be attending. 

Mar 9

By March 9, GAIM coaches of registered schools need to confirm which students will be attending GAIM.

Apr 8

By April 8, you'll receive your GAIM box with everything you need for the day of the competition!

Apr 13

NYC locations will be hosting GAIM.

Apr 14-30

All other locations will host GAIM.

May 6

GAIM Math Olympiad Winners will be notified via email by May 6th.

May 12

GAIM Math Olympiad Contestants and Winners will receive trophies in the mail around May 12th.  Some delays may occur due to international shipping.