Hosting GAIM comes down to three magic ingredients: 
Space * Girls * Volunteers


As long as you have a big space such as a cafeteria or gym, you can host GAIM! 

During the math competition, we recommend that you split teams into individual rooms.  One Lower Division and one Upper Division team can work in the same room, as long as they belong to different schools.  During the game portion of GAIM Day, everyone congregates in the big space for play time. 


Recruit as many teams as you can host!  We recommend that you recruit at least 8 teams of girls, with a target of 20+ teams, since GAIM is all about fostering collaboration, teamwork, and fun!

Each school may enroll up to four teams of four girls, and each team can be registered in one of two divisions, accompanied by a GAIM Coach, who can be a school teacher or parent. 


To run GAIM, you’ll need approximately as many volunteers as the number of teams you have.  Volunteers have the following roles:


Logistics Coordinators

  • You'll need 1-4, depending on how many teams you have attending.

  • LC's are the backbone of your volunteers. They coordinate site planning, direct other volunteers, and provide guidance to students and coaches.

  • On GAIM day, LC's are in charge of making sure everything runs smoothly.


  • You'll need one proctor per room to read instructions, hand out competition packets, and time the students.

  • Proctors can be school coaches, as long as they are not proctoring their own teams. Proctors don't need to answer any student questions - the competition should be self explanatory!


  • Grading is easiest with one grader per 2-4 teams, but you can use fewer if you have many teams and are in a pinch.

  • Graders will grade two rounds of competitions. They do not need to have significant math training, as answer keys will be provided.

Game Coordinators

  • We suggest at least one game coordinator per 2-3 teams - what matters is that there are enough to facilitate fun and safe play for all girls!

  • Game coordinators facilitate play and fun while girls learn how to play the strategy-based games.