Our Mission


“The human mind is a story processor, not a logic processor.”  — Jonathan Haidt

Our mission at GAIM is to inspire girls to embrace “mathematician” as part of their core identities.  

After all, what is math?  To us, math is creative, logical problem solving.  Math is a way of thinking that helps us more deeply make sense of our world.  Some of the tools of a mathematician include:

  • distilling stories into abstract forms that can be applied to many different situations,

  • translating situations into concrete, well-defined problems, and

  • formulating logical, creative solutions to these problems.

Problem solving is an eminently human drive, and is foundational to success in any discipline.  At GAIM, we hope to support girls in dreaming big, whatever shape that may take. We’d be ecstatic if they dreamed of being math professors, pop stars, or astronauts!  Our story isn’t “let’s get more girls into math,” but rather “let’s empower girls to go after their dreams by inspiring them to be master problem solvers.”

We aim to serve girls with a broad range of exposure to this type of problem solving.  For girls who are already passionate about problem solving, we hope to challenge them with a selection of complex, innovative problems to sink their teeth into.  For girls who are new to problem solving, we invite them to see math through a new lens. Regardless of their problem solving backgrounds, we hope that each girl who joins GAIM embraces her own creative, insightful inner mathematician.