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Please let us know your relationship to the school or organization that is hosting. Are you a math teacher? Parent? Math Circles organizer?
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Please describe the space you have available to host. * Do you have a big area where girls can congregate for games? * What is the fire code limit in this space? This may determine your maximum headcount capacity. * Do you also have access to smaller individual rooms where girls can work on the Math Olympiad? How many such rooms do you have? * Do you have desks and chairs available?
What is the maximum # of teams that you can host in each division?
How much would you like to charge each team to participate? We offer full financial aid to schools that need assistance.
Please tell us about who you expect to participate * How many teams would you like to target to host in each division? * Is there any assistance we can provide with recruiting teams of girls? If so, please describe how we can best assist you.
Please describe the volunteers you think you'll need, as well as the volunteers you think you can recruit. Can we help? Please let us know! In some metropolitan areas, we may be able to assist with finding corporate volunteers.
Are there any other considerations that you would like to share with us? We welcome your feedback!