The GAIM Vision


Welcome to Girls’ Adventures in Math!

GAIM is an interdisciplinary problem solving experience—half team math competition and half strategy game social—designed to inspire our next generation of women leaders, innovators, and visionaries.  

In the first half of the event, teams of four girls from the same school work as a team on 16 open-ended math problems for a 60-minute Round 1. After a short break, students continue to a 20-minute Round 2, one multi-answer “research question.”

After the math competition portion of the afternoon, students and coaches gather in a common space to play curated strategy games. We ask our students to explore how games are structured. For example, is there a guaranteed winner? If so, what would this player’s strategy be?  

GAIM shows our girls both how math is integral to their life journeys, and how joyful the journey can be. Unlike popular conception, mathematics is so much more than computation, performed alone. At its core, it is strategic, creative, and logical problem solving that underlies almost all meaningful human pursuits.  

We present some of the most challenging and innovative math problems to students in this age group, contextualized in the stories of pioneering women from history representing dramatically different life paths, geographies, and eras.  We showcase their adventures in visually arresting and humorous comics and exciting strategy games. Through laughter and play, GAIM addresses the emotional needs of our early mathematicians—fun, community, and resilience—and supports them well beyond GAIM day, in the classroom and beyond.

Thank you for sharing in this journey with us!