WHAT IS gaim?

Girls’ Adventures in Math (GAIM) is a unique math event for girls in grades 3-8.  First, girls work together in teams of 4 to solve challenging problems presented in comic format.  Afterwards, participants continue laughing and learning as they play strategy-based games.  In 2017, over 400 girls experienced GAIM at six locations ranging from Navajo Nation to London to New York City; at each site, the response was overwhelming enthusiasm.


GAIM gives girls the chance to use logic and problem-solving skills in a fun, collaborative setting. Our questions and games teach girls that math is more than just arithmetic – that math is logic and creativity, patterns and puzzles.

Girls build confidence as they work through questions that require out-of-the-box thinking. By combining these concepts with stories of fascinating women from history, GAIM is inspiring. It motivates girls to pursue their passion for math and encourages them to broaden their understanding of how math can be incorporated into their futures.