GAIM 2019

Top-Performing Teams

Schools are organized alphabetically.


Speyer Legacy School

Elementary Division
SPY11103E - Brearley School, The
SPY11106E - Brooklyn School of Inquiry
SPY11033E - Columbia Preparatory School (Upper School)
SPY11013E - Indian Hill School
SPY11044E - Speyer Legacy School, The
SPY11045E - Speyer Legacy School, The

Middle Division
SPY11104M - Anderson School, The
SPY11021M - Avenues The World School
SPY11037M - Booker T Washington MS54
SPY11107M - Brooklyn School of Inquiry
SPY11018M - Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School
SPY11040M - Mark Twain IS 239 for the Gifted and Talented
SPY11101M - MPMS
SPY11041M - Riverdale Country Day School
SPY11032M - Speyer Legacy School, The
SPY11022M - Trinity School

trevor Day School

Elementary Division
TRV12029E - Hunter College Elementary School -- Wing Chan
TRV12013E - Lower Lab PS77
TRV12014E - Lower Lab PS77
TRV12004E - NEST+m
TRV12005E - NEST+m
TRV12021E - Spence School
TRV12033E - TAG Young Scholars
TRV12035E - The Nightingale-Bamford School

Middle Division
TRV12023M - Basis Independent Brooklyn
TRV12022M - Ethical Culture Fieldston School
TRV12110M - Hunter College High School
TRV12111M - Hunter College High School
TRV12109M - Hunter College High School
TRV12108M - Hunter College High School
TRV12007M - NEST+m
TRV12006M - NEST+m
TRV12031M - TAG Young Scholars
TRV12038M - The Nightingale-Bamford School
TRV12039M - The Nightingale-Bamford School
TRV12002M - Trevor Day School

the nueva school

Elementary School
NVA64005E - Blue Hills Elementary School
NVA64003E - Bullis Charter School
NVA64048E - Discovery Charter School
NVA64040E - Discovery II Charter School
NVA64103E - Fairmeadow Elementary School
NVA64008E - Meyerholz Elementary School
NVA64010E - North Star Academy
NVA64014E - North Star Academy
NVA64032E - North Star Academy
NVA64029E - Nueva School
NVA64030E - Nueva School
NVA64031E - Nueva School
NVA64108E - Nueva School
NVA64058E - Synapse School

Middle Division
NVA64105M - Basis Independent Fremont
NVA64004M - Bullis Charter School
NVA64049M - Discovery Charter School
NVA64007M - Egan Middle School
NVA64006M - Joaquin Miller Middle School
NVA64051M - Khan Lab School
NVA64026M - Nueva School
NVA64022M - Nueva School
NVA64024M - Nueva School

cornell university

Elementary Division
CRN16034E - Belle Sherman Elementary
CRN16004E - Cayuga Heights Elementary School
CRN16018E - Cayuga Heights Elementary School
CRN16031E - Fall Creek Elementary School
CRN16032E - Fall Creek Elementary School
CRN16013E - Northeast Elementary
CRN16003E - Northeast Elementary School

Middle Division
CRN16020M - Boynton Middle School
CRN16021M - Boynton Middle School
CRN16101M - Corning-Painted Post Middle School
CRN16001M - DeWitt Middle School
CRN16015M - DeWitt Middle School
CRN16007M - DeWitt Middle School
CRN16017M - Lansing Middle School
CRN16016M - Lansing Middle School

Honey creek middle school

Elementary Division
HNY20027E - DeVaney Elementary
HNY20008E - Dixie Bee
HNY20121E - Ouabache Elementary
HNY20122E - Ouabache Elementary
HNY20010E - St. Richard's Episcopal School
HNY20011E - St. Richard's Episcopal School
HNY20026E - Sugar Creek Consolidated Elementary
HNY20102E - Sugar Grove Elementary School

Middle Division
HNY20004M - Honey Creek MS
HNY20003M - Honey Creek MS
HNY20001M - Honey Creek MS
HNY20017M - Woodrow Wilson Middle School

lexington montessori School

Elementary Division
LXN30016E - Eliot Innovation K-8
LXN30010E - Lexington Montessori School
LXN30004E - The Advent School

Middle Division
LXN30007M - Birches School
LXN300018M - Eliot Innovation K-8
LXN30014M - Shady Hill School

Geffen academy

Elementary Division
GFN61007E - Meadows Elementary
GFN61013E - Pennekamp Elementary School
GFN61014E - Roosevelt Elementary
GFN61018E - Wonderland Avenue Elementary

Middle Division
GFN61019M - Bert Lynn Middle School
GFN61101M - Bert Lynn Middle School
GFN61005M - Manhattan Beach Middle School
GFN61001M - South Pasadena Middle School

mirman school

Elementary Division
MIR62014E - Grand View Elementary
MIR62001E - Mirman School
MIR62005E - Mirman School
MIR62017E - Pacific Elementary

Middle Division
MIR62009M - Mirman School
MIR62007M - Mirman School

bard college

Elementary Division
BRD15008E - J. Watson Bailey Middle School

Middle Division
BRD15001M - Algonquin Middle School
BRD15011M - Edgemont Schools

university of missouri - st. louis

Elementary Division
UMS51014E - Ballwin Elementary
UMS51012E - Hanna Woods Elementary School
UMS51004E - Pierremont Elementary

Middle Division
UMS51006M - Parkway Central Middle School

First church of the nazarene

Elementary Division
FCN52003E - Brougham Elementary
FCN52004E - Regency Place Elementary

Middle Division
FCN52011M - The Barstow School
FCN52008M - The Barstow School