One side of a two sided scale has 6 dwarf goats and 3 caracal cats while the other side has 3 dwarf goats and 5 caracal cats. The scale is in equilibrium. Which is heavier: a dwarf goat or a caracal cat? 

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Girls' Adventures in Math

The team-based comic book math competition featuring four great women from history.

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About the Competition

Girls' Adventures in Math is a team-based math competition for girls in grades 3-8. Our competition presents some of the most challenging and innovative math problems to students in this age group, contextualized in a comic book containing the stories of pioneering women from history. The competition occurs in two rounds: a sixty-minute Round 1, and a twenty-minute Round 2.

Check out the GAIM 2017 materials to get a leg up on the competition:


From left to right.  Katherine Johnson, Queen Anna Nzinga, Marie Curie, and Pantea Arteshbod

From left to right. Katherine Johnson, Queen Anna Nzinga, Marie Curie, and Pantea Arteshbod

The gaim 2019 featured women have been announced!

Every year, GAIM features four great women from history, and presents the competition problems in the context of their lives. Our GAIM 2019 featured women are Katherine Johnson of the USA, Queen Anna Nzinga of Angola, Marie Curie of Poland, and Pantea Arteshbod of Ancient Persia. To read their biographies, visit our GAIM 2019 women page.

In the past, we've featured eight more women that are certainly worthy of note! In our 2017 season we featured Wangari Maathai of Kenya, Junko Tabei of Japan, Rosalind Franklin of the United Kingdom, and Sophie Germain of France. Last year, we featured Hatshepsut of Ancient Egypt, Zhenyi Wang of China, Marjorie Lee Browne of the United States, and Dorothy Levitt of the United Kingdom. 


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Changes for 2019

2019 is a big year for GAIM! You might have noticed that our website has undergone some changes. If you dig deeper, you'll find a new and improved Helpdesk located in the lower right hand corner, and a more streamlined registration form. Those schools that participated with us in 2018 will also remember our 4 team per school rule. This year, we've taken that limit away, so schools can register as many teams as they'd like. 

We're looking forward to seeing you at GAIM 2019!


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