Congratulations to the GAIM 2018 Winners At
GAIM 2018 @ Trevor Day School!

Elementary Division

  1. TRV00052E: Columbia Grammar & Prep School
    Sabina, Lulu, Kayla, Rose
  2. TRV00061E: TAG Young Scholars
    Aanya, Stella, Diane, Emily
  3. TRV00071E: The Hewitt School
    Samantha, Camilla, Charlotte, Lila Greenwald

Middle Division

  1. TRV00068M: Hunter College High School
    Carol, Cecily, Ella, April
  2. TRV00069M: Hunter College High School
    Victoria, Bella, Selin, Natalie
  3. TRV00064M: TAG Young Scholars
    Aniqua, Ismath, Danielle, Angel

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