GAIM 2019 National Honor Roll

Congratulations to our GAIM 2019 honorees!

The GAIM National Honor Roll is organized in four categories: Greatest of All Time, Adventurer, Innovator, and Maverick. Teams are listed alphabetically by school name. The maximum possible score at GAIM this year was 260.

Print certificates for your teams below:


If you do not find your team on the list below, they should receive the Explorer Certificate.


Elementary Division
(Scores 150-200)

NVA64005E - Blue Hills Elementary School
NVA64003E - Bullis Charter School
TRV12014E - Lower Lab PS77
NVA64008E - Meyerholz Elementary School
MIR62005E - Mirman School
TRV12005E - NEST+m
NVA64010E - North Star Academy
NVA64031E - Nueva School
NVA64030E - Nueva School
GFN61013E - Pennekamp Elementary School
TRV12021E - Spence School
TRV12033E - TAG Young Scholars

Middle Division
(Scores 170-190)

NVA64004M - Bullis Charter School
CRN16001M - DeWitt Middle School
TRV12110M - Hunter College High School
TRV12111M - Hunter College High School
TRV12109M - Hunter College High School
NVA64006M - Joaquin Miller Middle School
GFN61005M - Manhattan Beach Middle School
TRV12007M - NEST+m
NVA64026M - Nueva School
SPY11041M - Riverdale Country Day School
GFN61001M - South Pasadena Middle School
TRV12039M - The Nightingale-Bamford School


Elementary Division
(Scores 119-149)

FCN52003E - Brougham Elementary
NVA64048E - Discovery Charter School
NVA64040E - Discovery II Charter School
HNY20008E - Dixie Bee
NVA64103E - Fairmeadow Elementary School
MIR62014E - Grand View Elementary
TRV12029E - Hunter College Elementary School -- Wing Chan
LXN30010E - Lexington Montessori School
TRV12013E - Lower Lab PS77
GFN61007E - Meadows Elementary
TRV12004E - NEST+m
NVA64014E - North Star Academy
NVA64032E - North Star Academy
CRN16003E - Northeast Elementary School
NVA64029E - Nueva School
NVA64108E - Nueva School
UMS51004E - Pierremont Elementary
FCN52004E - Regency Place Elementary
GFN61014E - Roosevelt Elementary
SPY11044E - Speyer Legacy School, The
SPY11045E - Speyer Legacy School, The
HNY20010E - St. Richard's Episcopal School
NVA64058E - Synapse School
TRV12034E - TAG Young Scholars
TRV12035E - The Nightingale-Bamford School
TRV12036E - The Nightingale-Bamford School

Middle Division
(Scores 140-169)

SPY11104M - Anderson School, The
NVA64105M - Basis Independent Fremont
GFN61019M - Bert Lynn Middle School
SPY11037M - Booker T Washington MS54
SPY11107M - Brooklyn School of Inquiry
CRN16015M - DeWitt Middle School
NVA64049M - Discovery Charter School
NVA64007M - Egan Middle School
HNY20004M - Honey Creek MS
HNY20003M - Honey Creek MS
TRV12108M - Hunter College High School
NVA64051M - Khan Lab School
SPY11040M - Mark Twain IS 239 for the Gifted and Talented
MIR62009M - Mirman School
MIR62007M - Mirman School
SPY11101M - MPMS
TRV12006M - NEST+m
NVA64022M - Nueva School
NVA64024M - Nueva School
SPY11032M - Speyer Legacy School, The
TRV12031M - TAG Young Scholars
SPY11022M - Trinity School


Elementary Division
(Scores 86-118)

UMS51014E - Ballwin Elementary
CRN16034E - Belle Sherman Elementary
SPY11039E - Berkeley Carroll School
SPY11103E - Brearley School, The
SPY11106E - Brooklyn School of Inquiry
NVA64002E - Bullis Charter School
CRN16018E - Cayuga Heights Elementary School
CRN16004E - Cayuga Heights Elementary School
SPY11032E - Central Park East One
SPY11033E - Columbia Preparatory School (Upper School)
HNY20027E - DeVaney Elementary
NVA64045E - Discovery II Charter School
LXN30016E - Eliot Innovation K-8
CRN16031E - Fall Creek Elementary School
CRN16032E - Fall Creek Elementary School
NVA64047E - Hilldale School
SPY11025E - Indian Hill
SPY11013E - Indian Hill School
BRD15008E - J. Watson Bailey Middle School
NVA64101E - Khan Lab School
SPY11029E - Metropolitan Montessori School
MIR62001E - Mirman School
NVA64009E - North Star Academy
NVA64036E - North Star Academy
CRN16013E - Northeast Elementary
NVA64102E - Ohlone Elementary School
HNY20121E - Ouabache Elementary
HNY20122E - Ouabache Elementary
MIR62017E - Pacific Elementary
GFN61022E - Pacific Elementary School
GFN61015E - Pennekamp Elementary School
TRV12018E - PS334 Anderson School
LXN30004E - The Advent School
TRV12028E - The Nightingale-Bamford School
FCN52005E - Topeka Collegiate School
TRV12030E - Trevor Day School
GFN61018E - Wonderland Avenue Elementary

Middle Division
(Scores 107-139)

SPY11012M - Al Noor School
BRD15001M - Algonquin Middle School
SPY11021M - Avenues The World School
TRV12023M - Basis Independent Brooklyn
NVA64106M - Basis Independent Fremont
GFN61101M - Bert Lynn Middle School
SPY11035M - Booker T. Washington Middle School (MS54)
CRN16020M - Boynton Middle School
SPY11102M - Brearley School, The
SPY11109M - Brooklyn School of Inquiry
SPY11108M - Brooklyn School of Inquiry
NVA64046M - Bullis Charter School
NVA64062M - Central Middle School
SPY11018M - Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School
SPY11017M - Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School
SPY11019M - Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School
CRN16101M - Corning-Painted Post Middle School
NVA64050M - Discovery Charter School
TRV12022M - Ethical Culture Fieldston School
GFN61023M - Geffen Academy at UCLA
MIR62013M - Girls Academic Leadership Academy
HNY20001M - Honey Creek MS
SPY11014M - Hudson School, The
CRN16017M - Lansing Middle School
CRN16016M - Lansing Middle School
NVA64023M - Nueva School
NVA64020M - Nueva School
NVA64016M - Presidio Hill School
LXN30014M - Shady Hill School
NVA64056M - Synapse School
NVA64061M - Synapse School
FCN52011M - The Barstow School
FCN52008M - The Barstow School
TRV12038M - The Nightingale-Bamford School
TRV12002M - Trevor Day School
HNY20017M - Woodrow Wilson Middle School


Elementary Division
(Scores 50-85)

CRN16033E - Belle Sherman Elementary
FCN52002E - Brougham Elementary
FCN52001E - Cedar Hills Elementry
SPY11031E - Columbia Grammar & Prep
SPY11036E - Columbia Preparatory School
SPY11034E - Columbia Preparatory School (Upper School)
HNY20101E - Davis Park Elementary
NVA64041E - Discovery II Charter School
NVA64042E - Discovery II Charter School
HNY20009E - Dixie Bee
LXN30015E - Eliot Innovation K-8
CRN16007E - Enfield Elementary
GFN61012E - Fairburn Elementary
NVA64104E - Fairmeadow Elementary School
LXN30012E - Francis Wyman Elementary School
LXN30013E - Francis Wyman Elementary School
UMS51012E - Hanna Woods Elementary School
TRV12015E - Horace Mann
BRD15005E - J. Watson Bailey Middle School
CRN16104E - L. Pearl Palmer Elementary
CRN16106E - L. Pearl Palmer Elementary
CRN16023E - L. Pearl Palmer Elementary School
CRN16028E - L. Pearl Palmer Elementary School
CRN16025E - L. Pearl Palmer Elementary School
CRN16024E - L. Pearl Palmer Elementary School
FCN52009E - Lakewood Elementary
LXN30009E - Lexington Montessori School
SPY11038E - Maurice Hawk Elementary
GFN61008E - Meadows Elementary
GFN61020E - Meadows Elementary
MIR62010E - Mirman School
MIR62012E - Mirman School
MIR62002E - Mirman School
MIR62004E - Mirman School
MIR62003E - Mirman School
NVA64034E - North Star Academy
NVA64028E - Nueva School
NVA64027E - Nueva School
NVA64107E - Nueva School
UMS51010E - Premier Charter School
SPY11023E - PS321 William Penn School
TRV12017E - PS334 Anderson School
TRV12019E - PS334 Anderson School
UMS51002E - R.M. Captain Elementary
HNY20023E - Rosedale Elementary School
NVA64053E - Roy Cloud School
GFN61011E - Sorensen Science Academy
HNY20011E - St. Richard's Episcopal School
HNY20026E - Sugar Creek Consolidated Elementary
HNY20102E - Sugar Grove Elementary School
HNY20103E - Sugar Grove Elementary School
NVA64057E - Synapse School
NVA64059E - Synapse School
HNY20019E - Terre Town Elementary
LXN30001E - The Advent School
LXN30003E - The Advent School
LXN30002E - The Advent School
TRV12025E - The Hewitt School
FCN52006E - Topeka Collegiate School
TRV12107E - Trevor Day School

Middle Division
(Scores 60-106)

BRD15002M - Algonquin Middle School
SPY11020M - Avenues The World School
SPY11105M - Berkeley Carroll School
LXN30007M - Birches School
LXN30008M - Birches School
CRN16021M - Boynton Middle School
NVA64054M - Bullis
SPY11016M - Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School
TRV12106M - Convent of the Sacred Heart
TRV12107M - Convent of the Sacred Heart
CRN16007M - DeWitt Middle School
CRN16006M - DeWitt Middle School
NVA64043M - Discovery II Charter School
SPY11042M - Dock Street School, The
SPY11029M - Dock Street School, The
SPY11030M - Dock Street School, The
BRD15011M - Edgemont Schools
LXN30018M - Eliot Innovation K-8
LXN30017M - Eliot Innovation K-8
TRV12020M - Forte Preparatory Academy
GFN61022M - Geffen Academy at UCLA
HNY20002M - Honey Creek MS
BRD15010M - J. Watson Bailey Middle School
BRD15009M - J. Watson Bailey Middle School
SPY11031M - Learning Community Charter School
GFN61006M - Manhattan Beach Middle School
MIR62008M - Mirman School
GFN61011M - Multicultural Learning Center
GFN61010M - Multicultural Learning Center
CRN16011M - Newfield Middle School
NVA64015M - North Star Academy
NVA64025M - Nueva School
NVA64021M - Nueva School
FCN52014M - Ogden Elementary School
UMS51006M - Parkway Central Middle School
UMS51009M - Premier Charter School
UMS51011M - Premier Charter School
NVA64018M - Presidio Hill School
NVA64017M - Presidio Hill School
SPY11009M - Riverdale Country Day School
SPY11010M - Riverdale Country Day School
SPY11007M - Rye School, A
SPY11005M - Rye School, A
SPY11006M - Rye School, A
TRV12016M - Salk School of Science
HNY20029M - Sarah Scott Middle School
SPY11043M - Speyer Legacy School, The
NVA64060M - Synapse School
TRV12032M - TAG Young Scholars
LXN30005M - The Advent School
FCN52012M - The Barstow School
TRV12112M - The Hewitt School
TRV12104M - The Hewitt School
TRV12113M - The Hewitt School
TRV12024M - The Hewitt School
TRV12037M - The Nightingale-Bamford School
TRV12040M - The Nightingale-Bamford School
MIR62016M - The Science Academy STEAM Magnet
TRV12001M - Trevor Day School
LXN30011M - Winter Hill Community Innovation School
HNY20018M - Woodrow Wilson Middle School