Before the Competition


A school representative, which could be an administrator, teacher, or the coach themselves, should register on our website, at  There, the school representative can register as many teams as they’d like for their school.* The form will automatically calculate the cost of participation, and the school representative will be guided through the payment process before submitting their form.  Upon form submission, the school representative will receive a confirmation email with team codes for each of their teams. These codes are important, and should be given by each coach to each team before the event. Each team should arrive with a printout of their team code.


Applying for Financial Aid

All Title 1 schools are granted discounts on their registrations.  Those wishing to apply for financial aid may do so within the form.  If you have applied for financial aid, an email chain will begin automatically.  Please allow 7 business days for our response.


Preparing Your Team for the Competition

Before GAIM Day, coaches can prepare their teams by using the preparation materials located on the GAIM website.  GAIM is a creative problem solving competition, so any materials encouraging out-of-the-box thinking will be helpful to your teams’ tackling the GAIM problem sets.  Logic puzzles, word problems, and riddles are encouraged!

Teamwork is one of the most important aspects of GAIM.  We strongly recommend that teams choose a captain, whose role is to assign questions to other members of the team, and pace the other members of the team during the competition.

Many times, students will vote for the fastest problem solver to be the captain.  Instead, we recommend that they choose the strongest people-leader, someone who is methodical and pays careful attention to detail.  It is also good to have a “checker” on the team -- someone who listens to solutions and tries to find problems with them. Many teams may choose to have their captain act as a checker as well.

You should print out your team codes and provide captains with their teams’ respective team code. They will need this sheet to successfully participate in the competition.


GAIM encourages school representatives to think about the following ahead of time:

  • Team Composition

  • Transportation to the Event

  • Snacks Before the Event

  • Writing Utensils

  • Team Code Dispersal


Check out what happens On GAIM Day: