Congratulations to the GAIM 2018 Winners At
GAIM 2018 @ Bard College!

Elementary Division

  1. BRD00102E: Greenville Elementary
    Ananya, Zahra, Ellen, Evelyn
  2. BRD00112E: J Watson Bailey Middle School
    Audrey, Elizabeth, Ella
  3. BRD00113E: J Watson Bailey Middle School
    Katerina, Meghan, Mariandra, Lily

Middle Division

  1. BRD00104M: Linden Avenue Middle School
    Elizabeth, Rose, Anna
  2. BRD00105M: Salisbury Central School
    Reka, Beatrice, Audrey, Yangki
  3. BRD00109M: Holy Trinity School
    Valerie, Sofia, Maureen, Hannah

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