Congratulations to the GAIM 2018 Winners At
GAIM 2018 @ Cornell University!

Elementary Division

  1. CRN00182E: Cayuga Heights Elementary
    Claire, Astrid, Lily, Julia
  2. CRN00150E: Northeast Elementary School
    Brenna, Jennifer, Yo-Yo, Yoojin
    CRN00168E: South Hill Elementary School
    Claire, Phoebe, Elise, Emerson

Middle Division

  1. CRN00158M: DeWitt Middle School
    Mia, Athena, Annalise, Alicia
  2. CRN00159M: DeWitt Middle School
    Julia, Viveka, Grace, Hope
  3. CRN00175M: Boynton Middle School
    Lily, Ana, Divya, Dessi

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