Congratulations to the GAIM 2018 Winners At
GAIM 2018 @ Speyer Legacy School!

Elementary Division

  1. SPY00019E: NEST+m
    Michelle, Sanaa, Claire, Lydia
  2.  SPY00018E: NEST+m
    Stella, Fara, Joy, Michelle
  3. SPY00024E: Speyer Legacy School
    Sophie, Kira, Tali, Chloe

Middle Division

  1. SPY00016M: NEST+m
    Ruiwen, Kathleen, Julia, Kaitlyn
  2. SPY00027M: Speyer Legacy School
    Maya, Stella, Binah, Mia
  3. SPY00022M: MS54 Booker T. Washington
    Maya, Molly, Caroline, Asuka

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