Welcome GAIM 2019 Hosts!

Welcome to the GAIM 2019 Host's Corner. Here you will find everything you need to know about running a successful GAIM site.


General Timeline

  • Pre-Season (August 1st to October 15th): This is the time to let GAIM know that you would like to participate as a host! During the pre-season, we will solidify dates, times, locations, contracts, and more for your site.

  • Normal Registration Season (October 15th to January 31st): This is the time to use your flyer template to create a GAIM flyer, recruit schools, and promote your site. Don't worry, the GAIM team will help get the word out!

  • Late Registration Season (February 1st to March 1st): This is the same as our regular registration, except last-minute. Any teams registering during the late registration season will incur a $50 fee.

  • Prep Season (March 1st to April 1st): GAIM will send all of the competition materials during this time. When you receive them, you will also receive an inventory of the items that should be in your box(es). Make sure you check off every item so that we know if anything is missing ahead of time!

  • Competition Season (April 12th to May 5th): Your competition will happen on the day that you've chosen, and GAIM will help support you in any way that we can.

  • Close-Outs (May 6th to May 12th): Host Surveys as well as Coach Surveys are sent out to collect information on your experience so that we can improve GAIM in 2020.

What does a host do for GAIM?

  • Helping us find and Reserve a Space in Your City: Many of our Host Site Coordinators have access to a space that they can use to host GAIM. If you don’t already have a space in mind, GAIM is happy to help find and reserve one; we just hope you’ll give us a hand!

  • Sending us Details about the Space: In addition to information about where to park and how to access the space, we need information about rooms and capacity. Since we ask coaches to proctor teams, you should make room assignments such that no proctors or teams end up with anybody that might be willing to bend the rules to help them.   

  • Forward us any Questions: To keep things consistent and to free you from bombardment, we ask that you forward us any questions regarding the competition or registration.

  • Learning the GAIM Handbook: Though the format of the competition is easy, it’s worth it to go over everything. We have rules for the competition and guidelines about the setup that make GAIM day a breeze.

  • Recruiting Volunteers: All coaches are required to attend our events as volunteers, but an extra hand is always helpful!

  • Run GAIM Day! Once you’ve gone over the materials in the Host Site Coordinator Handbook, you’ll be more than ready to run GAIM day! The first year that you host, we’ll send one of our coordinators to help you out.

  • Stay in Touch with Us: If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, you should reach out to us! Your assigned coordinator is your best friend for the entirety of the GAIM season. Feel free to schedule check-in calls and to be proactive about identifying and tackling any problems you’re running into. We’re here to help!

Please note that host site coordinators will be expected to sign a detailed contract to ensure the success and support of both the site and the competition.


Perk Alert!

Hosts receive up to 4 teams compensated. If the host has chosen not to send teams, we can reimburse for food and space.