While each location’s schedule and setup may vary depending on resources and size, GAIM Day generally consists of three hours of activities, not including setup and cleanup.


  • Ensure that registration area is clearly labeled, sufficiently staffed, and has access to virtual or printed sign-in sheets.

  • Place all necessary signage to guide participants to the correct entrance and parking or drop-off area.

  • Ensure that all areas to be used by students (e.g. classrooms, auditoriums, etc.) are accessible, organized, and clearly labeled.

  • Prepare refreshment area with adequate food and drinks.

  • Organize Fun & Games area with game boards and materials, entertainment, and flyers.  


  • Students, families, and coaches arrive. Expect a crowd!

  • Proctors receive three envelopes per team--one for Round 1, one for the Break, and one for Round 2.  Proctors lead students to their assigned locations.

  • Non-participants are led to an assigned waiting area or the Fun & Games area.



Round 1

  • Proctors hand students the Round 1 envelope.

  • Students work in teams for the 60-minute competition period.

  • After Round 1 is over, proctors place Round 1 materials including competition questions, answer sheets, and scrap paper into the original envelopes.


  • Proctors give students the Break folder, which includes comics about the four women featured in this year’s GAIM day.  Students may keep the Break folder.

  • Students can use the bathroom as needed.

  • Logistics coordinators collect Round 1 envelopes and deliver Round 1 competition materials to graders.  

Round 2

  • Proctors hand students the Round 2 envelope.

  • Students work in teams for the 20-minute Round 2.

  • After Round 2 is over, proctors place ALL Round 2 materials including competition and scrap paper in the Round 2 envelope.

  • Logistics coordinators collect Round 2 envelopes and deliver Round 2 competition materials to graders.  

  • Proctors lead students to the Fun & Games area. Proctors head to Grading Room or Fun & Games Room, depending on their assignments.

Game Session 

Game Session




  • Game Coordinators and Coaches facilitate the provided strategy games in the Fun & Games area.

  • Everyone enjoys refreshments!

  • Graders work in separate area from students. Partial credit will not be given.

  • Graders work in pairs.  Grader 1 writes score on back of answer sheet.  Grader 2 writes score on front of answer sheet.  If two scores match, Grader 2 writes score on official score line.  

  • Head grader enters scores into Google Sheet.

  • Identify the teams with the top 3 scores from each division (ties are permissible).



  • Announce winners and give out trophies.  In the case of ties, host schools will work with GAIM team to exchange trophies after GAIM day.  

  • Give a warm, lovely farewell speech!

  • Distribute goodie bags and certificates to each student.


  • Volunteers ensure that all classrooms, the Fun & Games area, waiting area, refreshment area, etc. are cleared of trash, GAIM materials, and students.

  • Logistics Coordinators conduct a final walkthrough to ensure that all spaces are clean, orderly, and have been returned to the state in which they were encountered that morning.

Each team will receive their score via email, so clear records of team scores should be maintained on Excel Sheets and sent to each site’s Regional Coordinating Manager(s).

Top scoring teams for each site will be listed on GAIM Website and Social Media.

Send all GAIM Day pictures to respective RCM or to be posted on GAIM Website and/or social media.